Corona AID KIT

Find the emergency products you need and make sure you have enough supplies

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Personal Protection Aid

Supplying products such as N-95 Face Masks, Disposable gloves, protection goggles and more.

Medical Textile

As the infection is spreading fast, there is a huge demand on clean textiles for medical purposes.

Hygiene products

Disinfection gel, soap and comparable products are very scarce. But we can produce them.

Medical Textiles

Hygiene Products

Be able to supply

We supply high-demand emergency products

In a time of crisis, stocks are running out and panic is growing. We established Corona Aid Kit to supply emergency products for health care institutions and other social initiatives. Our network of manufacturers is on standby to go in production for various demanding products. Our people are determined to help fight this pandemic together.

“Save Lives and Fight Together”


Supplying n-95 Masks

We Produce N-95 Masks

At the moment it’s very difficult to get N-95 Masks, which protect us against the COVID-19 virus and minimise the risk of getting infected. We see there is an increase in demand on other medical products as well. As borders get closed and manufacturers are being shut down, we are helping to make sure that everybody can have a big enough supply of N-95 Masks.

Featured Emergency Products

KN-95 Mask

Surgical mask

Hand sanitizer

Medical suits


Disposable gloves

24/7 customer service

Pre-order Any Time Of The Day

The Corona pandemic is critical and supplies are very limited. We have the resources to help facilitate various emergency products. Stocks of the high-demand products are very limited, so to ensure that we can supply to you, a pre-order system is in place.