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Our original business is helping other businesses with their manufacturing requirements. We know how to build structure and organised processes to achieve specific goals. 

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We Feel The Urge To Do Something With Our Resources, Knowledge and Experience

Our business COTIT supplies textile products for various types of businesses, from start-ups to enterprises. We help to create concepts and ensure that these become a viable product. Together with our wide expertise within different business verticals, we can make things work.

One of our main goals is to be essential in the market, but especially to be valuable to people. Having high integrity and being vigorous is what describes our way of working.

Because of all this, we feel the urge to do something in this pandemic situation. Covid-19 is our common enemy and we believe humanity needs to work in sync to facilitate the sick and support the ones who are on the field saving lives.

Corona Aid Kit is built as a response to the virus spread and the shortage of several crucial products. We feel we could be valuable, as we have the resources, the knowledge and the experience to ensure productions will be correct, fast and at the right pricing. The total preparation and logistic handling are all covered within our services.

We wish everyone a lot of strength and health in these difficult times.

Stay Safe!


What we Do

Sourcing All Over Europe 

In these times it is difficult to supply products. But we are determined and well sourced to deliver high quality medical textiles for personal protection and health care purposes.

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